Bring to life this wonderful, underutilized 11 acre resource in the heart of Southport. Restore and preserve Southport Park’s natural beauty and provide key enhancements that will increase its attractiveness for community use.

Key Goals

    • Create a park for all ages with benches for sitting, tables for picnicking, and creative play areas constructed of natural materials.
    • Enhance the visibility of the park’s entrance so that it is more welcoming.
    • Revitalize and improve and maintain the walking trails to encourage hiking, exploring and dog walking.
    • Create an easily accessible natural play space for families and children. Currently, no public playground exists in Southport.
    • Conserve the vital flora and fauna habitats. Identify certain specimens for education purposes.
    • Encourage the love of nature and open space by creating a gathering area for small groups or classes to converge for discussion and interaction.
    • Replace and install fences where necessary to maintain safety.